Bye Week Promotion: Ballpark Blueprints

| December 5th, 2022

A lot of companies reach out to me to promote their products. Most of those products aren’t worth promotion. But when I saw what Ballpark Blueprints was offering, I was intrigued. Their designs are unique and understated; perfect for someone who wants to support a particular team without looking like a 12-year-old. Their stuff would make excellent gifts for this coming holiday season.

Here’s how they define themselves:

Ballpark Blueprints captures the distinctive artwork and beauty of sports venues for the sports fan who is looking for a classic, sophisticated, old-school way to display their love for the game. The company was founded in 2001 with an authentic passion for the history and architecture of baseball and has since expanded into other sports lines.

And here is a link of all their Soldier Field gear. Take a look at what they offer.



Dannehy: Too Early to Draw Conclusions about Flus, Bears Defense

| November 30th, 2022

While concerns about how terrible the Chicago Bears defense is right now might be warranted, there’s no real way of knowing if it will be a long term problem.

Since the trades of Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith, the Bears have struggled to get stops. Their defense has gone from a top-15 unit to, very likely, the worst in the entire league. There is certainly a lack of talent, but a significantly greater concern is that it doesn’t appear the unit is getting any better.

How many times must we see the entire team bite hard on a simple play action fake? That should be fixed by now. How are their defensive ends still not able to contain? (Didn’t Daniel Jones teach them anything?) It’s hard to say if the team lacks coaching or if the players are incapable of taking the coaching.

There are examples of defensive coaches who struggled early and turned it around and there are others who simply never were able to correct the issues. The Bears could’ve looked across the sideline for an example of the former last week as Robert Saleh had the worst defense in the league in 2021 and the Jets are a top five unit in 2022. Or, it could be like Brandon Staley who was given a pass for his 29th-ranked scoring defense in 2021 and, after an infusion of talent, still has the 29th-ranked scoring defense in 2022.

There really is no way to tell at this point.

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This Holiday Season, Consider the Gift of Cookies!

| November 29th, 2022

My good friend Steph Tracy has a cookie company. The cookies are remarkable. They are not only perfect gifts for the holiday season, but they are also the perfect holiday party bring. Let your clown friends bring cheap wine. You bring killer cookies.

Below are the two variety packs she does this time of year. But you don’t have to stick to what she lays out. She’ll mix and match as you see fit. My recommendations are the coquito, the chocolate gingerbread and the chocolate chunk with toffee. I’ll be sending that combination to several people this month.

If you would like to purchase these cookies, please send an email to cookierevolution@gmail.com by Monday, December 12th, and include any special shipping instructions and deadlines. She’ll even include a personalized note if you want.

Holiday Flavor Sampler 2022

$24 plus shipping.

Enjoy the flavors of the holiday season with this sampler that features Coquito, Chocolate Gingerbread, and Cranberry Streusel cookies (all are nut free). The sampler includes 6 cookies of each variety (for a total of 18 cookies).


A sandwich cookie inspired by the traditional Puerto Rican Christmas beverage made with coconut milk, rum, and spices.

Chocolate Gingerbread

A chewy gingerbread cookie made with molasses, cocoa, freshly grated ginger, spices and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

Cranberry Streusel

The tartness of fresh cranberries balanced by the brown sugar sweetness of a streusel topping.

“Best of the Year” 2022 Gift Collection

$35 plus shipping

Two pounds (25 cookies) of the most popular Cookie Revolution recipes of the past year.  This collection includes five cookies of each variety:

Chocolate Chunk with Toffee

An addictive and crispy cookie packed with chocolate chunks and homemade toffee pieces.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Peanut Butter

Spicy peanut butter cookie topped with sea salt.  Please specify if you would like mild or hot. Also available gluten free.

Coconut Pineapple

Rich homemade coconut crunch meets tangy pineapple and tamarind for a unique tropical treat.

Chocolate Gingerbread with Chocolate Chunks

A chewy and spicy gingerbread cookie made with molasses, cocoa, freshly grated ginger, spices and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

The Bar Snack

Peanuts. Pretzels. Potato chips. M&Ms. It’s everything you ever wanted to eat with a beer, stuffed into a cookie.

To see photos of the cookies and read more, you can visit her site here.



Bears Fall to Jets in Jersey: A Quarter-by-Quarter Recap

| November 28th, 2022

Quarter One

  • Defense looked noncompetitive on the opening drive. Wide open Jets all over the field.
  • Offense moved it well in response, with Trevor Siemian’s accuracy issues the only thing keeping them out of the endzone. When you have Chase Claypool’s size advantage in the end zone, the ball must be elevated. (Siemian also missed throw to Kmet earlier on the drive.)
  • Claypool’s integration into the offense is happening slowly, but this quarter showed the advantages of having a receiving threat that can separate from defenders and win 50/50 balls.
  • If Velus Jones is only going to run jet sweeps, don’t be surprised when defenses key on it. The Jets knew what play was coming as soon as Jones walked onto the field.
  • Very solid quarter for Siemian overall, however. You want your backup quarterback to be a stabilizing force. He’s unlikely to win games but you don’t want him to lose them. Siemian looked the part in the first quarterback.

Quarter Two

  • What a catch by Byron Pringle for the touchdown. Blanketed in coverage. Poor throw. But Pringle went and got the football.
  • Bears simply can’t get off the field on third downs and the reason is their total lack of pass rush. With the Bears likely to find themselves in the top five or six picks in the draft, it won’t be a reach to seem them look at the edge over wide receiver.
  • Jets fumble the field goal attempt, and it leads to a lengthy Benny Hill sketch. The rain is going to be a factor the remainder of the afternoon as a storm is approaching the NYC area. (I know because I just had to turn the lights on in my living room. That’s how dark it’s gotten outside.)
  • Siemian trying to sneak the ball off tackle is one of the silliest things you’ll see in an NFL game. After watching Justin Fields over the last month, Siemian looks like he’s operating in slow motion at times.
  • Bears let an interception go through their hands and lose Eddie Jackson to a non-contact injury on the same play. Brutal moment. Bears will now play the rest of this game with backups at all over their secondary.
  • Joe Davis: “This is a big drive for the Bears.” Is it? Not a single moment of this game feels “big” for the Bears.

Bears down 17-10 at the half. And the difference on offense has been the lack of explosive possibilities. Fields presents a nightmare for opposing for defenses to defend. With Siemian, the game is right in front of them. That’s why the Bears only have 10 points.

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