A Disaster

| November 13th, 2009

You can’t play quarterback like Jay Cutler played quarterback last night.  It’s simply not allowed at the professional level.  He was erratic, mindless and disastrously inaccurate.  He was everything we’ve seen at quarterback for the better part of three decades.  The same guy who seemed to single-handedly beat Pittsburgh, single-handedly threw the season into a San Francisco toilet.

Cutler is the Goat.  Devin Hester is Goat 1A.  Last night’s ballgame confirms what I’ve been arguing for the past two seasons: moving Hester to wide receiver is the biggest error of the Lovie Smith era.  Hester was the most exciting and dynamic weapon in the sport and the Bears stripped that excitement away by forcing too much onto a limited player’s plate.  When he was needed to play like a number one receiver, he looked like a guy still learning to run routes.  How many more years of this must we watch?

Today is not the day to call for firings.  It’s not the day to yell about anything.  Today is the day to look the role of spoiler in the eyes and embrace it.  Today is the day to forget about the 2009 season but it’s forgotten about you.  Without a number one pick, there’s no reason to route for the club to lose.  Hopefully this team will fight like hell through the next seven games and make us proud.  But the next important game won’t be until September 2010.