A Few League Thoughts

| September 4th, 2009

Please scroll down to the post below for the continually updated list of player cuts.  I just don’t have the bloodthirst to keep it as the top post through the night.  These are guys losing their jobs. 

Coordinators, Be Gone
Brian Kenny just asked John Clayton why we are seeing – for the first time ever – a rash of offensive coordinators being fired prior to the start of the regular season.  His answer: panic.  His answer: wrong.  The reason offensive coordinators are being fired is because – for the first time ever – fans are focused on these preseason games.  The NFL has become so much the dominant sport in this country that even the fake games are drawing a remarkable amount of attention from thriving fanbases.  When teams are not productive in the summer, they’re reading about it in the press and hearing about it in the stands.  As the years pass, and the preseason continues, look for even more scrutiny. (Side note: I can’t believe Dick Jauron fired the Turk after spending four seasons in Chicago defending the putrid playcalling of John Shoop.  Can’t fucking believe it.)

Cuts Being Rumored

Jeff Garcia in Oakland, Joey Galloway in New England and Jamal Lewis in Cleveland.  If they happen, each one would provide a particular upgrade on the Bears roster.  I’ll lobby hard for Garcia, who’d instantly become the only available quarterback capable of saving a Bears season should Cutler face an injury. 

Why Eric Mangini is a Total Turd
My brother is a die-hard Jets fan and I watch all their games so we have something to talk about on Monday mornings (he reciprocates).  Eric Mangini is a dreadful football coach; far more interested in presenting the appearance of a tight-lipped organization than actually earning the trust and respect of his locker room.  Does he really think defenses give a shit whether he starts Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn?  Does either of these piles of stink keep Les Frazier and the Minnesota defense up all night, wiping sweat from their brows.  No.  This is why Mangini will never be as smart as he thinks he is.