A Jersey Shore Rodeo

| July 17th, 2009

I’m off to the Jersey Shore for the weekend, returning for the final ten days before the start of training camp.  Then I shall spend a month of my life hoping never to read “Cutler carted off practice field with a knee.”

Driver Doesn’t Like Our Wide Receivers

Green Bay wide receiver Donald Driver, one of the most underrated players in the sport, doesn’t like the collection of talent assembled at wideout for the Chicago Bears.  And outside of the state of Illinois (and parts of Indiana), neither does anybody else.  But read the rest of Driver’s comments and you’ll realize that this division suddenly has a lot of respect for the Bears, especially since the acquisition of Jay Cutler.

I Don’t Play Fantasy Football…

…but if I did, the Bears’ player I think is going to have the biggest season (at his position) is Greg Olsen.  While the league harps on our lack of depth at wide receiver, Olsen possesses the combination of size and speed that should make Jay Cutler salivate.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see G-Reg finish 2009 with 75 catches and 10 touchdowns.

Ross Tucker: American Hero?

When the Chiefs announced they’d signed Matt Cassell to a monster contract, my only question was, “Really?”  One good season in a system that has produced nothing but good seasons for a decade leads to $63 million?  Needless to say, nobody at ESPN seemed to question the move because (1) they’re morons and (2) it didn’t involve Brett Favre.  Ross Tucker, the new guy over Sports Illustrated, did question it in a sound and lucid manner.  Is there finally a reasonable, national football voice?