A Rallying Cry

| October 26th, 2009

Not writing a column about yesterday’s game is a cop out and I’m better than that.  So after reading every word written about the most embarrassing Chicago Bears performance of my lifetime, I’m ready to oar my boat into the ocean. 

The Bears are not winning a championship in 2009.  They never were.  But if 2009 is going to be a building block for future success, something has to change.  People can criticize the interceptions all they want but Jay Cutler is a terrific quarterback dying for an offensive system to thrive in.  Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye aren’t going to make Lake Shore forget Dent and Mongo, but they’re more talented than their pass rushing would have you believe.  Missed strips leading to missed tackles.  Snaps to quarterback’s knees.  False starts as a way of life.  Fumbles.  Does everybody have to fumble all the time?

Something has to change.  And you guys know I’m not one of those “fire the coach now” fans.  I try to keep perspective.  I stay balanced.  I temper my enthusiasm and limit my expectations.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  I give more emotionally to this team than anybody I know.  Their losses physically hurt me.  And sad to say, it looks like there’s more losing in the future.  Why?  Because some guys are winners.  And some guys are Lovie Smith.

I don’t want to hear anybody, ANYBODY associated with this organization say “it’s just one game” when they’re asked about yesterday.  Literally, yes, it was a single football game.  But it was symptomatic of every Lovie issue that has percolated for five years.  The only thing that can save this tenure is if the Chicago Bears use 45-10 as a rallying cry for the 2009 season.  When they beat Cleveland next week, they should talk about Cincinnati.  When they beat Arizona the following week, they should talk about Cincinnati.  When Brett Favre comes to Soldier Field on December 28th, they should pretend he’s wearing the name “Benson” on his jersey.

They say that alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they realize change is necessary.  Yesterday the Chicago Bears got loaded on tequila and drove their sedan into a schoolyard.  Rock.  Bottom.  The only salvation for the team is that they are 3-3.  Nothing is lost.  But something has to change.  Frank Omiyale can’t play guard anymore.  Jay Cutler can’t be handcuffed.  No more soft cover-two bullshit and no more runs up the middle on first down.  The Bears are entering Shitty Football Teams Anonymous and Step One is the Cleveland Browns.  And if they lose that game at home, God help ’em.