A Thursday Camp Rodeo

| August 6th, 2009

Eli Manning is the league’s…
…highest paid player?  Does anybody who knows the game of football think that Eli Manning is even the best player on his own football team? (Read PFT’s analysis of the deal)  The question will be what impact this contract has on quarterbacks around the league, including the one currently waring #6 in Chicago.  David Haugh, in his best column so far this year, breaks it down.  The most interesting detail (which Brad Biggs did not have):

Angelo woke up Wednesday morning to an e-mail from Bears contract point
man Cliff Stein that shared details of Manning’s contract. It read,
“Brace yourself.”…When recounting that story later Wednesday on WMVP-AM and considering the potential ramifications for the Bears, Angelo kidded, “My mouth just got real dry.”

Remember when folks like me were pining for the Bears to sign Kyle Orton to a contract extension last season?  Doesn’t that feel like a century ago?

Waddle Likes Rash  
Legere in the Herald says Tom Waddle, my all-time favorite Chicago Bear, quite likes Rashied Davis.  Of course, he qualifies his enthusiasm:

“Technically, he’s the best wide receiver on the roster” Waddle said of
the 5-foot-9, 187-pound Davis. “He runs great routes, he’s quick as
(heck), and he’s got great body control. He does just about everything
right; if only he was more consistent catching the ball. None of that
other stuff matters if he drops the ball.”

Rash Davis will forever be remembered in Chicago for making a clutch catch from Rex Grossman in overtime, setting up the first win of the 2006 playoffs.  He’s very easy to root for.  He needs to fuck off with the drops and win the slot job.  End of story.  You’re a professional football receiver.  You’re only job is to catch the football.  So catch the football.

Practice at 7:00 tonight.