A Thursday Rodeo

| May 21st, 2009

Editor’s Note: I have no idea why I call these things “rodeos” but I certainly like it.

Corey Graham to Free Safety
Moving CG to safety
is a sound move if Nathan Vasher plays like he did a few years ago and
not like he did during his miserable 2008 campaign and either Tru
McBride, Zack Bowman or a possibly-signed Rod Hood emerge as a viable
nickel option. I’m assuming that the Bears (and the rest of the league)
believe Mike Brown is no longer capable of being a professional
football player or it would make very little sense for him to still be
a free agent. His leadership alone would be worth a one-year deal.

The Best* Thing About Jay Cutler…
…is perfectly described by Ron Turner in Dan Pompei’s Trib column:
“We’ll definitely move the pocket more with him,” Turner says. “He is
good at it when it’s called to move the pocket, and he also is good at
creating a play, extending a play when nothing is there. That’s
something I’m really excited about. If everything is not perfect —
protection, you don’t get the coverage you want — he can create
something by moving around.” The knock on Kyle Orton was his inability
to improvise beyond the first or second read and thus it limited how
creative the play-calling could be. We were vanilla and predictable in
the passing game. Those dogs no longer hunt.
*besides the multiple Super Bowls he’s going to win here.

Our Message to the city of Chicago: Go to Hell
It seems every time municipalities get into trouble, working people end
up making up the difference. In New York, during every economic cash
crunch, I end up paying more money to ride the goddamn subway. Now the
city of Chicago would like to retroactively amusement tax
season ticket holders for their personal seat licenses – a ludicrous
hat on top of a ludicrous hat. The Chicago Bears should do everything
in their organizational power to put a halt to this. Think of it as a
business transaction and ask yourself: do you want fans entering
Soldier Field with or without that five hundred bucks at their
disposal? Or think of it from a human standpoint: how far do you think
you can push fans before they stop coming to the park?