A Thursday Rodeo

| June 4th, 2009

Just the Plax, Ma’am
Brad Biggs writes today about the Bears’ seeming interest in attaining Plaxico Burress, free agent wide receiver and amateur gun enthusiast.  I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: Plax is a pain in the ass but he’s not an evil guy.  If you think he’s the only professional football player carrying concealed weapons, you’re out to lunch.  He is, however, the only one who doesn’t know enough to wear a pair of jeans.  Des Clark sums up what Giants players repeated often about Plax:

“Talent is talent,” Clark said. ”But the one thing you don’t want are
bad guys. Just from people I talk to, everybody says he is a really,
really good guy.”

Plaxico Burress wouldn’t make the Bears better.  He’d make the Bears an immediate Super Bowl contender (if they’re not already).  I know we’re starting to be fed the company line regarding the young wide receivers looking brilliant with Cutler during OTAs.  Save it.  I’ll wait for Earl Bennett to catch a professional pass before I buy the jersey.  If the Bears believe Plax will suit up in 2009, he should suit up in navy and orange.

Dear Mr. Holier-than-Thou, Shut Up
I don’t like Tony Dungy.  I never have.  I think he lost too many games with too-talented a defense in Tampa Bay.  I think he escaped moral responsibility for his leaving his eighteen year-old, pre-diagnosed, manic depressive son half a country away and turned the event into some kind of springboard for lecture tours and Sunday sermons.  It may not be a popular opinion but it its mine.  Now, aside from showcasing a brilliant knowledge of maturity, Dungy is showing his football acumen may not be so hot.

“[They got] Cutler because of Green Bay’s defense and all of the press
and man coverage,” Dungy said, according to the Tribune. “[The Bears]
have to have that threat.” 

The man doesn’t know a thing about offense and never has.  Jay Cutler doesn’t make the Bears better against man-to-man.  He makes the Bears better against every single defensive alignment the league can produce.  I’m sure in his head the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears for his only Super Bowl title because of his team’s maturity or his unrelenting faith in Jesus.  Neither is true.  His team beat our team because we couldn’t stop the run and they had the real quarterback.  We fixed the run defense.  Then the quarterback.  Apparently, that’s not good enough.  And so Tony Dungy remains lost while his opinions are treated like they flow from the mouth of Buddha.

On a positive note…   
Everybody’s talking about Jamar Williams.  This team has to have the deepest linebacking corps in the league.