A Thursday Rodeo

| June 11th, 2009

Welcome to the Party, David

First off, kudos to David Haugh.  I’ve been hard on him in the past but he opens today’s column with something I’ve been dying to write all week:

Unless either Don Shula or Chuck Noll wants to weigh in, let’s wait at least a day before hearing from another Super Bowl-winning head coach interested in questioning Jay Cutler’s character publicly, OK?

I understand the city’s (and my own) infatuation with Captain Cutler but asking every coach who has ever stood on the sideline whether he’ll be a success or not is getting ridiculous. 

The column itself asks the question, “Do the Bears need a veteran backup quarterback?”  The answer – as I wrote two weeks ago – is yes.  Absolutely.  This team should refuse to be one vicious tackle away from Caleb Hanie and a 6-10 season.  They’re not going to find a star on the market but they can find a serviceable veteran.

Anybody have a grain of salt?

The Bears need to stop congratulating themselves for signing all their draft picks, especially when they have no picks in the first two rounds.  These are slotted salaries and contracts.  They require about as much creativity as painting the walls in a hospital room.  I like that there won’t be any holdouts in a month but I’d like a legitimate number one receiver more.