A Thursday Rodeo

| August 27th, 2009

Cutler to Hester

Both the Sun-Times and the Trib have columns this morning about the on-field relationship between Jay Cutler and Devin Hester.  Last year Hester had 51 catches for 665 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first full season at wide receiver.  Not bad, if you ask me, but nowhere near what a club expects from a “number one”.  More than numbers, Hester needs to be the player that opposing defenses game plan against.  He needs to be the player defensive coordinators fear.  His rapport with Cutler will come and when it does, the Bears will be one of the best offenses in football.

Favre On the Spot

I’m not surprised that Brett Favre’s arrival in Minnesota has created a schism in the locker room.  Players go through an exhausting series of spring OTAs and are dragged away from their families for training camp in an attempt to create a team unity.  Favre decided he wanted no role in those activities and was rewarded with the head coach chauffeuring him from the airport to the first day of post-camp practice.  Favre is set to play into the third quarter this weekend for the Vikes and he may have to do so without Bernard Berrian, still struggling with a hamstring injury.  If Favre struggles, expect the groans from the locker to only get louder.  This is not a developing roster.  This is a playoff team.  And I’m betting that most of them don’t view Favre with the same rose-colored glasses Brad Childress does.

I Don’t Care About Cutler Returning To Denver

Note to every writer in the Chicago and Denver sports media: nobody gives a shit about Cutler returning to Denver to play a fake game.  The only thing that is less a story is Kyle Orton facing the Bears.