A Tuesday Night Rodeo

| September 22nd, 2009

Receiver as Flavor of the Month
Please, please, please Chicago media.  Please don’t ruin Johnny Knox’s chance at having a terrific career at wide receiver for the Bears.  Don’t be fooled by the love affair that has developed at both the major dailies because as quickly as they’ll praise the NFL’s 15th ranked receiver, they’ll be even faster to whack him in the barber’s chair if his production fades.

I Think We Need a New Bus
The Chicago Bears are still claiming to be a running football team even as they’ve obviously transformed into a throwing football team. 

“Of course we would like to run the football,” Smith said. “But if
(they) come with that pressure (vs. the run), and we single up on the
outside (receivers), you have to throw the ball, and the guys on the
outside have to win the 1-on-1 battles, and we won it constantly
throughout the day.”

A great quarterback and receivers winning one-on-one battles?  What team is this?