A Wednesday Rodeo

| September 16th, 2009

There will be no more words wasted on this site about the Chicago media’s current infatuation with Jay Cutler’s facial expressions.  Writers like the Tribune’s Rick Morrissey are why most people around the country have little respect for the town’s sports writers.  Morrissey, like Mariotti before him, think dour is interesting and prey upon the local fan’s propensity to be pessimistic.  In my opinion, it’s cheap journalism.  And unsurprising.

Bowman Was Healthy?
According to Vaughn McClure, Zack Bowman was entirely healthy Sunday night and doesn’t seem to have any idea why he didn’t play down the stretch.  About the only positive thing that came out of the last two minutes at Lambeau Field is the fact that the entire organization should now be able to move beyond the Nathan Vasher reclamation project.  They should start the healing process Sunday or face the prospect of a Santonio Holmes choreographed dance number in the Soldier Field end zone.

Most Telling Statistic
Matt Forte.  Zero catches.  Look no further than the success of Tom Brady and Phil Rivers Monday night to understand the importance of checking down to a pass-catching back.  Kevin Faulk and Darren Sproles won those games Monday night and Matt Forte should have been given a shot Sunday night.