About Last Night…

| December 29th, 2009

Quick thoughts because the hotel has a computer time limit and there’s a greasy kid behind me itching to update his Facebook status.

  • Never been prouder to be a Bears fan than last night.  In what was essentially a meaningless game, played in frigid cold, the place was packed and loud.  People cared in that building and they cared a lot.  Makes me think doing this is worth it sometimes.
  • Player of the Game: Chris Williams.  He got some help with chips but he outplayed Jared Allen all night long.  If that’s all we learned yesterday, that’s fine by me.
  • I agree with what’s being written in Chicago this morning.  This game in no way validates Lovie Smith.  His defense gave up thirty points in a half last night.  Have our standards really dropped that low?  It does – I hope – help Ron Turner go out on a high note.  Always liked the game, while not his play calls, and this was his signature win.
  • D.A., Knox, Hester and Bennett can be a receiving corps if the club finds a way to bring Anquan Boldin here.
  • Hi, Tommie Harris.  Good to see you again.
  • I don’t know how it looked on television but Olin Kreutz was manhandled by Jimmy Kennedy inside the ballpark.  And that’s Jimmy Kennedy we’re talking about.
  • You know who gets a pass?  Robbie Gould.  Did you see how awful Ryan Longwell was on kickoffs?  Gould outkicked him by at least an average of ten yards.
  • You can’t be great and fumble as much as Adrian Peterson.
  • Two guys I’ll be sad to see play in another uniform: Alex Brown and Desmond Clark.
  • If the Bears were smart, they’d add a big safety this offseason and let Craig Steltz start next to him.  With the right coaching, he could be a breakout star in 2010.
  • Tip your cap to Favre and Rice on the fourth down score.  Brilliant pitch and catch.
  • Final thought: signature win of the 2009 season and surely something to build on for Cutler, D.A., Chris Williams, Greg Olsen and a few guys on the other side of the ball.  It should not save the coach’s job.  But it should make this roster a bit more appetizing to a new coach.