Adams & Turner & Harris OH MY!

| October 23rd, 2009

Brad Biggs is expecting Gaines Adams to be active this week and he’ll reportedly be taking the active roster spot of Devin Aromashodu.  Two things about this: (1) Was I the only one who had no idea Devin Aromashodu was active last week?  (2) Our defensive ends – outside of Alex Brown – have gone invisible for long periods of time and it’s been killing the defense.  If the Bears let Carson Palmer sit in the pocket for 5+ seconds, he’ll dissect our secondary for big plays.

Dan Pompei is the first journalist (unless you consider me a journalist) to come to the defense of Ron Turner.  I know that fans despise Ronny but the article will dispel many of the baseless assessments most fans make regarding him.  Fans criticize offensive play-callers because offensive play calls are the most visible aspect of the football game.  But ultimately, fans don’t know shit about play execution.  I think my criticism of Turner is that he’s often-times a pedestrian play-caller and is too slow to navigate away from preordained game plans.  If the plan is to run, the team runs until they start losing three and four yards a clip.  How he adapts to having a legitimate quarterback will tell us a lot about him.

Don’t expect Tommie Harris to be on the field Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati.  I’ve been very, very hard on Harris for several years but here we are, in another big game, and Harris’ cap-guzzling contract will be in plain clothes.  But my apologies, Tommie.  I’m sure the fans and media will be to blame for this one too.  I’m sure Tommie will be fired up and ready for those rugged Cleveland Browns next week!

SIDENOTES: (1) DaBearsBlog t-shirts are getting their own secondary page on the site and we’re working out the details.  Have your debit/credit cards reading on Tuesday morning. (2) Adrian Peterson says he’s “doubtful” for the Steelers this week.  Vikings can’t beat that team without him.