Audibles From the Long Snapper

| October 19th, 2009

There’s a new debate in town regarding whether the Bears are a running or throwing team.  Well, they can throw it really well and they can’t run it at all.  So what am I missing?  Where’s the debate?  I’ve heard the argument for balance but it just doesn’t hold water.  If you can move the ball, you can move the ball.  How you do it doesn’t matter.  For those who suggest we’ll need to run the ball in December, fine.  But it’s not December.  So let’s win some games in the meantime.

I find this headline funny: “Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith won’t hit panic button”.  Making changes to your starting roster should not be considered hitting the panic button.  Changing a weakness at left guard is not hitting the panic button.  It’s being a good coach.

From that same article comes Lovie’s disheartening rationalization of Lance Briggs not falling on the pivotal fumble:  “We’re trying to score every play,” Smith said. “Now if there’s a lot
of traffic, we would like for him to fall on it. Lance had a clean
scoop of that. He was thinking the right way. Next time, he’ll secure
it and go.”
  No.  Just no.  Lance Briggs made a bad football play.  Plain and simple.  It’s this logic that leads to players missing tackles while attempting to strip the ball. 

Call me crazy but did the Bears really need a press conference to introduce Gaines Adams today?  I think it was a solid acquisition but the fans don’t care about what he thinks of Rod Marinelli or if he believes a change of scenery will be helpful.  They care about him getting on the field.  They care about him pressuring the quarterback.  Felt very strange for the Bears to be “celebrating” a move by management after a loss like Sunday night’s.

Mike Imrem questions the combination of Jay Cutler, Lovie Smith and Ron Turner.  So do I.  I’m not a Lovie fan and never have been The ballsiest move in Bears history may have the acquisition of #6 this spring.  The ballsier move might be to dump a winning head coach this winter in favor of an offensive mind.