Audibles From the Long Snapper

| November 9th, 2009

So Nobody Can Ever Be Fired?
David Haugh makes the argument that the Bears will fire neither Lovie Smith or Jerry Angelo because of the time left on their respective contracts.  Here’s a question: why are contracts for coaches and management guaranteed in the NFL while player contracts are not?  Why doesn’t someone write an expose on this fundamentally unfair practice by the league?

“Still Believe We Can Pull It Out”   
Ted Phillips thinks the Bears’ season is not dead.  Let’s call this one of several things that Ted and I disagree about.  The Bears needed their team president to come out on Monday morning and show respect for the organization by denigrating, with authority, the performance of his coaching staff.  Right now, defensively, this team is far closer to a league doormat than a world champion.


If you want to know why Mike Singletary never became a coach for the Bears, here it is.  It broke my heart to read it then and it breaks my heart to read it now.  How could this organization let a non-entity like Dick Jauron keep 50 from putting his colors back on?

Tommie Harris: I Hate Him More Every Day
I read Brad Biggs’ piece on Tommie Harris and I would have blown it off if not for Tommie’s claiming that Cardinals’ offensive lineman Deuce Lutui did “some unnecessary stuff during the game”.  The game was three plays for you, Tommie.  Three total plays.  I’m now fully convinced that you’re an emotionally unstable moron.