Audibles From the Long Snapper

| November 17th, 2009

Seriously?  Rex Grossman’s dad?
I like Fred Mitchell a lot but his column with quotes from Dan Grossman should be the last football piece he writes this season.  Nobody cares what this man thinks about ophthalmology (he’s an ophthalmologist) let alone how a pro football organization manages the quarterback position.  The Bears stink at developing quarterbacks.  I get it.  So maybe the Bears need to bring in a coach who is good at it.  Like a Charlie Weis.  Or a Norm Chow.

Bears not sending a Pro Bowler    
According to Brad Biggs, the Bears have almost no shot at being represented at this year’s Pro Bowl.  Lance Briggs, the only starter on either side worthy of consideration, is fifth at linebacker.

Move Hester Back to Specials
Every quote in Vaughn McClure’s Devin Hester article reveals the receiver’s lack of focus and instincts when it comes to playing the position.  Hester is a kick returner, his greatest asset being a remarkable ability to recognize a hole and sprint through it.  He altered the way teams approaching the Bears in the kicking.  Stop this terrible experiment and utilize your most exciting weapon.