Audibles From the Long Snapper

| November 25th, 2009

For Safety’s Sake
You need to look no further than the loss to Philadelphia to understand that the biggest hole on the Bears defense is at the safety position.  Between Danieal Manning’s embarrassing missed tackle of Mike Vick early and Al Afalava’s Roy Williams impression on the Desean Jackson touchdown, the Bears have proven over ten weeks that they did not have a viable professional safety on this roster at the start of this season.  Fans said it.  Media said it.  But the head coach disagreed. 

David Haugh Makes Theatre Reference
In his dismantling of the Mike Martz rumors, David Haugh makes a full-fledged reference to the legitimate theatre.

Hire Martz and the Bears might as well book a stage at the Goodman Theatre for all the drama that would create.

Read his article.  It’s worth it.  But I’m pretty sure this is the only football column this year to mention one of the country’s most important regional theatres.

Briggs Likes Comic Books, Hughes Doesn’t Give a Shit

I made a rule a long time ago that I wouldn’t write about the private lives of players, out of respect, and I wish the newspapers would adopt the same rule.  Christopher Borrelli’s silly, pointless story on Briggs belongs in US Weekly and not in the sports section of a major newspaper.  I add this: stop trying to sell me these players as sweet and lovable.  They’re not.  Briggs has a long history to prove it.