Audibles From the Long Snapper

| December 8th, 2009

The Old Formula

David Haugh, drawing on direct quotes from Lovie Smith, referred to what the Bears did against the Rams Sunday as “the old formula”.  Let me clear up two myths: (1) The Bears did not even average four yards a rush on Sunday.  Just because they ran the ball a lot does not mean they ran the ball well.  (2) Did I miss this era of Chicago Bears football where we were wildly successful doing things?  When did this “old formula” time take place?  Was it in 2005 – where we were grotesque offensively and got embarrassed defensively at home in the playoffs?  Or 2006 – where our quarterback threw the ball all over the field for the first three months and kick returner won three games on his own?
Imrem Supports Martz
Contrary to my personal desires, I think Lovie Smith is going to coach this team in 2010 – barring embarrassing displays these next three weeks.  That most assuredly means Ron Turner is out as offensive coordinator and Mike Martz seems to have a nice PR entourage working for him.  Martz will thrive with a strong arm quarterback, pass-catching back and speedy receivers.  But nothing, I repeat nothing, will get accomplished without a revamped offensive line.
Play Kevin Payne
Every time I see Kevin Payne on the field, he makes plays.  Then the Bears switch his position and he seems to get lost.  Payne is a natural strong safety, intimidating to receivers over the middle and backs on the second and third levels.  These next three games will be terrific opportunities to test the kid against some real good passing games in some big-time meaningful contests (at least for the opponents).
DaBearsBlog PSA
I am am begging, really begging, that Josh Elliot stop using the phrase “oh by the way” on the morning Sportscenter.  He uses it far too often and usually in the wrong context.  “Oh by the way” is supposed tie minute details to the whole, not take the place of the word “and”.  What’s worse is that it’s trickling through the network now.  Everybody is saying it.  And oh by the way…it’s fucking obnoxious.