Audibles From the Long Snapper

| December 18th, 2009

Next Year Has Arrived

One continuing theme has emerged in articles surrounding the Chicago Bears: next year.  The Bears see upside in Gaines Adams…in 2010.  Lance Briggs thinks the team needs to begin moving forward.  Devin Hester knows changes are coming.  This is the definition of depressing for a football fan.  Did anyone comment this week on how difficult an opponent the Baltimore Ravens are going to be Sunday?  Is this week’s game even a consideration for our players?
Martz Supports Turner    

From David Haugh:

“If that’s an issue, it shouldn’t be,” said Martz, the Rams’ head coach when Smith was his defensive coordinator. “There isn’t a better coach or man that I know than Lovie Smith. Ron Turner shouldn’t be in trouble either. If there is a problem there, it’s personnel and not with Lovie or Ron. He’s the same offensive coordinator that took them to the NFC championship game (and Super Bowl).”

I don’t believe anyone ever accused Mike Martz of campaigning, at least publicly, for the offensive coordinator position in Chicago.  But with Chicago’s offense a disaster and Martz’ past relationship with Lovie, it’s an obvious speculation.  If the organization decides to keep Smith, this is a sound move.

Shanahan to the Redskins
ESPN and various other outlets are reporting that Mike Shanahan and the Redskins are currently in contract talks after their very savvy hiring of Bruce Allen as General Manager.  Dan Snyder takes a lot of shit in the media but mark my words, people will look to this offseason as a turning point for him.  I never thought I’d be wishing my owner was Daniel Snyder.