Back-to-Back Rodeos

| August 28th, 2009

Brandon Marshall is not a grown-up
…but I’d like him to be on the Chicago Bears.  Charlie, Romeo, Mangenius and now Joshy McD. How many more organizations/institutions must the disciples of Belichick destroy before someone realizes that they don’t belong in leadership positions?  When a new coach infuriates the two most talented players on his roster before ever coaching a game, perhaps a warning flag should be raised?  Marshall will be out of Denver in the near future and will make some team a hell of a lot better.  I’d prefer it be us.

Manning, Bowman Won’t Play?
Vaughn McClure reports in the Trib that Danieal Manning and Zack Bowman are unlikely to play this weekend against Denver.  This means that three quarters of our starting defensive backfield will see the field for the first time at Lambeau on September 13th (against the best passing offense we’ll see all season).