Bears & Burress

| June 29th, 2009

ProFootballTalk disputes the John Clayton-begun report that the Bears are no longer considering Plaxico Burress as an option at receiver.  Here’s what I have to say about the Bears lack of interest: Bull. Shit.

The only reason any team with a need at wideout would not consider Plax is character (not salary) and it is impossible to make a significant financial commitment to a player when you’re unsure if that player will be avilable on Sundays.  Can the Bears confidently state that Burress won’t be suspended for the bulk of the 2009 campaign?  Do they believe he’ll be eating his lunches alongside a guy doing 15-20 for first-degree manslaughter?  Is it not crazy to commit eight million dollars for what might be only eight games?

Plax is not a good wide receiver.  He’s a great wide receiver.  His signing would make the Chicago Bears the odds-on favorite to walk through the NFC North.  But we should expect nothing of note until Goodies makes his official decision and lets the league know how available the player will be to play.  Until that moment, all speculation is pointless.