Beat Writers Project the 53

| September 3rd, 2009

Both of the local beats have projected the Bears’ 53-man roster and there are a few surprises.

Click here to read David Haugh in the Trib.

Click here to read Brad Biggs in the Sun-Times.

Both men have some similar opinions but I’ll just respond to the trends I’m seeing.

1. I hope the Bears do not cut Craig Steltz in favor of Josh Bullocks.  Bullocks may have a lot more starts under his belt but those starts are for that horror show of a defense down in New Orleans.  Bullocks has no upside and Steltz has a ton, in my opinion.  It’ll take a day for someone to scoop him up.

2. On the “scoop up” trend, I agree with Biggs on this one: the Bears need to be careful with Lance Louis.  He’s young and very raw but everyone who sees the kid play thinks he has a future at tackle.  Good offensive linemen are expensive properties and teams will be eager to grab this value. 

3. The Bears will be walking a fine line if they do as Haugh suggests and cut Matt Toeaina.  Marcus Harrison and Anthony Adams are true defensive tackles, with Israel and Jarron serving as more DT/DE hybrids.  When Tommie Harris goes down for the season in week six, the team will wish they had his bulk available to clog up blockers for 54.

4. Trumaine McBride or Rod Hood?  I’ll take Hood.  Trumaine McBride or Albert in Tucson?  I’ll take Albert.  Trumaine should already be on the street.  He can not be allowed to play in a professional game for the Bears this season.

5. My final point is simple: don’t worry about perceived “mistakes”.  If Iglesias isn’t better than Rideau, lose him.  If Melton isn’t worth what Toeaina is, lose him.  If Michael Gaines hasn’t panned out, don’t worry about it.  This team is built to win in 2009.  Let’s worry about 2010 after Valentine’s Day.