Brett Favre Headed To Minnesota

| August 18th, 2009

ESPN just reported, on Sportscenter, that Favre boarded a 9:10 AM plane to St. Paul.  Favre commented that the media “may know something by dinner”.

ADDENDUM: ESPN is now reporting, per WCCO-TV, that Favre and the Vikings is a done deal.

ADDENDUM #2: Favre to make $12 million this year.

ADDENDUM #3: Two straight hours of coverage and not ONE PERSON has questioned Favre’s ability to compete at a high level.  Considering he has ended both of the last two seasons on a completely disastrous note, that seems a bit strange.

ADDENDUM #4: I fucking hate the Minnesota Vikings.  I don’t think I’ve ever hated them before but right now I really hate them.  Passionately.  Rooting against them weekly will become second only to rooting for the Chicago Bears.