Bye Weekend Thoughts and THE PICKS!

| October 9th, 2009

  • Dan Pompei’s love letter to recent draft classes feels a little premature.  I’m a big fan of Jerry Angelo but let’s see more than four games before we start believing statements like, “Before camp started, the Bears didn’t know if they could count on
    Afalava, Bowman, [Kellen] Davis, Knox, Bennett and [Chris] Williams. Now they don’t know
    if they could keep winning without them.”  I’m not saying the ability of all these young guys doesn’t bode well for the future of the organization.  I’m just not ready to raise the 2009 championship banner yet.
  • Courageously, Mike Martz waited until three consecutive terrific performances to apologize for his silly comments that followed Jay Cutler’s week one press conference.  I’m not going to post his comments here but click the link to read the backtrack.
  • Bears v. Bengals has been moved to 3:15 CT on October 25th and is now being affectionately referred to as “Benson Bowl”.  Now this is a rivalry I can get behind.  One day I hope someone from the defense admits that they injured Ced on purpose in practice.  If he goes over the century mark, somebody should get cut.
  • It’s six o’clock in the morning and I’m watching the DVR’d debut of the UFL.  In Doug Flutie’s opening rationale of the league, he cited one player: J.P. Losman.  You’re going to need more than that to sell a professional football league in this country.
  • Kordell Stewart is a UFL sideline broadcaster.  During his first sideline report, two players just walked right in front of him. (Jim Fassell is dressed like he’s going bowling.)

I hope none of you are using my picks for gambling purposes because they’ve been awful.  Another 1-2 last week, bringing my total to 4-7 on the year.  Three more comin’ at ya.  While I’m at it, I’ll weigh-in on some hot topics.

New England -3.5 over DENVER
I don’t know where I stand on the “protecting the quarterback” issue, which hit it’s 2009 peak in the Pats/Ravens game last week.  I hate the idea of babying these guys to the point of restricting defenders from any serious contact.  At the same time I agree with Mike Francesa’s belief that the game is simply horrible when the quarterbacks are no good.  (I believe we know that quite well.)  I think it’s an issue that’s easy to act manly about without considering a league the ramifications.  Patriots 27, Broncos 14   

ST. LOUIS +10 over Minnesota
Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to own anything he wants if he has the
money to do so.  I’ve never agreed with a word the man has said but
isn’t this still America?  Vikings 30, Rams 23

Atlanta +2.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
Let’s just hope that Samurai’s boys put a beaten on Atlanta.  49ers 14, Falcons 13