Chicago at Seattle

| September 23rd, 2009

Auditioning actors for the duration tomorrow so I’ll give y’all a full day to ponder my prediction for this weekend’s pivotal ballgame in Seattle.  Why pivotal?  Because with Detroit around the corner, the Bears have a prime opportunity to get to the bye week at 3-1: their best start since 2006.

Your 2009 Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks 

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • Seneca Wallace came in and threw a touchdown pass on his first play last week.  A one yard bomb.  The Seahawk possessions after that: punt, punt, interception, punt, turnover on downs, end of game.  
  • The ‘Hawks have only allowed one sack this season and we’ve seen what happens when quarterbacks are given too much time in the pocket against our secondary.  It’s incumbent upon Peanut and Bowman to take away short and intermediate routes from T.J. and Nate, especially the suddenly loose-mouthed Houshmandzadeh. When the ball is completed the safeties have to make the receivers pay for it.  Play violently.  I think they do. 
  • Sunday is very much about the Bears’ offensive line, who’ve dramatically underperformed to this point.  The 49ers shredded this Lofa-less defense to the tune of 256 yards.  If the fellas up front can’t spring Forte on Sunday, the coaching staff has to consider making changes at either the left guard and left tackle positions.  And no pre-snap penalties.  I don’t care how noisy it gets.  None.
  • I can’t remember a Bears wideout receiving the kind of media attention being showered on Johnny Knox and I’ll be interested to see how Jim Mora approaches him defensively.  If the Hawks forget about Devin Hester on the other side of the field, look out for big numbers from Jay Cutler and #23.  Real big.
  • My best friend Lou wants me to predict the game based on the first game ever played between the Bears and the Seahawks.  I thought it was a dumb idea and then I looked at the stats from that game in1976.  The Bears had 259 on the ground and 250 in the air.  They won.  I like it.  The score?

Chicago Bears 34, Seattle Seahawks 7