Day One Stories

| August 1st, 2009

In Rodeo format…

Cutler, Cutler, Cutler
The story is everywhere – from everybody’s perspective.  It seems media, players and fans alike are seeing what they dreamt they’d be seeing: a real, live start at the quarterback position.  But it’s Devin Hester’s response that excited me the most:

”Last year, we came in here wondering whether Kyle [Orton] or Rex
[Grossman] was going to be the quarterback,” wide receiver Devin
Hester said. ”That right there, I feel like it [took] a big toll on
our part. We didn’t know which quarterback to adjust to. This year we
know who our guy is, and now we’re just having fun and polishing up our

Marcus Harrison
I get pissed off when I read stories like Marcus Harrison not making weight for the start of training camp.  Be a fucking professional, kid.  You got a chance to be a force in the middle of this defensive line but you need to be at goddamn practice.

If You’re Going to Camp…
Get there early.  And well played, Bears fans.  Well played…