Fire Lovie Smith Tomorrow

| November 29th, 2009

Do not wait till season’s end.  Do not wait for this to get worse.  It can not get worse.  We have reached the low.  The low point in the history of the proudest of proud football franchises.  Today, in Minneapolis, the Chicago Bears embarrassed Dick Butkus.  They embarrassed the memory of Walter Payton.  They embarrassed the man who risked a life to found them.  They embarrassed me.  They embarrassed you.


And that’s enough.  Every minute Lovie Smith is allowed to remain head coach of this team is an insulting minute.  I like to use humor and dare I say (Dare!  Dare!) wit to keep this column interesting.  That’s over now.  Welcome to the era of rage and aggression.  I have had enough and I hope you have to. 


Fire Lovie Smith tomorrow.  And do it with Shanny and Cowher on lines two and three.