First Half Reactions

| August 22nd, 2009

I’m going to watch the game again tomorrow morning and provide some details but these are my ten gut responses to the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant first half.

1. If Denver wants another first round draft pick, they can have it.  I know it’s the preseason but we’ve never – in the history of the franchise – had quarterbacking like that.

2. I’m this close to believing in this Marinelli bullshit they’ve been feeding us for six months.  The pass rush was dominating; punishing the Giants’ starting offensive tackles and making the game unplayable for Eli Manning.  Can we finally stop taking Alex Brown off the field on third downs?  AB is – without question – our best defensive lineman.

3. Congratulations to Nathan Vasher.  Seriously.  The coaches, media and yours truly have massacred this guy for weeks and I thought he played a solid, aggressive half.  He charged the football and made sound tackles.  Keep working, man.

4. Earl fucking Bennett, huh?  Unbelievable.

5. I’m not letting this Johnny Knox get away.  That is an explosive talent.

6. Devin Hester lacks the instincts of a great receiver but that’s about all he lacks.  Once Cutler and Hester get on the same page, we could be looking at a lethal offensive weapon.

7. Biggest flaw?  Run defense up the gut and run offense up the gut.  The middle of this team looked a bit soft tonight and that needs to be remedied.

8. Mark my words.  One day we’re all going to talk about how good Kevin Payne was.

9. Did Osi Umenyiora or Justin Tuck make a play?  The combination of our tackles and the quarterback’s elusiveness is a bit inspiring.

10. Devin Aromashodu is not just making the team.  He’s catching a ton of passes this season.  I think Mr. Davis might not be sticking around much longer.     

Bonus #11. Did you guys see Jay Cutler?