Five Fixes After Beating the Browns

| November 2nd, 2009

Shocking that in today’s NFL that a team can win 30-6 and display so many flaws but the Bears did just that.  There were positivies from yesterday’s game but not enough to warrant Monday morning attention.  If the Bears plan on making a run for a division title or a place in the postseason, they’re going to need to be better.  A lot better.  I’m focusing on the offense because we can’t learn anything defensively from playing the Browns. 

#1. Stop calling runs up the middle on first down.  I’ve been writing this for two years and I’m frankly getting tired of it.  But how many drives have to be second-and-nine or third-and-long before Ron Turner starts a drive in shotgun and lets our best offensive player make plays.

#2. Block someone.  Anyone.  Is there a solution on the current roster?  I have no idea.  But the solution was not lined up against the Browns.

#3. Get Matt Forte involved in the passing game.  Forte displays the explosiveness we all expect from him when he’s catching the ball out of the backfield.  Not on last-thought dumpoffs but on designed screens.  

#4. Never ever ever run the wildcat again.  Was that serious?  The wildcat?  Why did we give up so much for a quarterback and then take him off the field on pivotal downs?  The Bears won 30-6 and I can make an argument this was the worst game Ron Turner ever called.

#5. Install the no huddle.  The offense’s pace is wretched, leaving me wondering who is going to jump before the start of each play.  The coaching staff must do something to rectify this and the no huddle is an option.