Five Questions For the Bears

| August 23rd, 2009

With only one meaningful fake game remaining, I have five questions the Bears must answer before they suit up against the Packers on September 13th. (Side note: The Bears/Packers rivalry – though still wonderfully historic – has been infinitely diluted by Brett Favre’s signing in Minnesota.  We can hate them all we want but they have two division games circled on THEIR calendars.  The Bears ain’t involved.)

Question #1. Will Peanut Tillman and Zack Bowman be healthy enough to start on opening day?

Question #2. Is there enough gas in Tommie Harris’ tank for a return to his dominant, All-Pro form in the middle?

Question #3. Can Jay Cutler get on the same page with the Devin “Under Construction” Hester in just three weeks?

Question #4. Who will return kickoffs should Danieal Manning’s hamstring issues lead to a lack of burst come the start of the season?

Question #5. DA?  Brandon Rideau?  Rashied Davis?  Johnny Knox?  How many and who?