Five Things That Have To Change

| November 8th, 2009

  • The Chicago Bears can no longer employ Tommie Harris.  Today
    was Tank Johnson’s gun house and Cedric Benson’s boat ride.  I don’t
    care if he goes to another organization and leads the universe in sacks
    and tackles-for-loss.  I don’t want him anymore and I think if you
    polled fans, over 90% would agree with me.
  • Al Afalava can not start.  The guy is lost on blitzes and a terrible tackler.
  • Lovie
    Smith must be put on notice publicly by the organization.  Either Jerry
    Angelo or Ted Phillips must come out and state to gathered media that
    Smith is not maximizing talent and hasn’t out-coached an opponent since
    the 2006 NFC Championship Game.
  • Chris Williams should start at
    left tackle Thursday night.  If Williams is really the future at the
    position, the Bears can ill-afford to waste eight weeks of
    development.  It’s best now for both he and Cutler to get the
  • Gaines Adams should be worked regularly into the
    rotation.  Adewale Ogunleye should be worked out.  The frugal Bears
    should play politics and keep Ogunleye from building the stat sheet in
    meaningless minutes.  Put him on the sideline and maybe they can get
    him to stay for a few less nickels in March.