Four Days ‘Til Training Camp

| July 27th, 2009

Note: If you are headed down to training camp, let me know.  I’d be glad to allow this as a forum for your photographs and first-hand accounts.

Receivers Will Be the Focus
Kudos to Brad Biggs at the Sun-Times for breaking down the entirety of the position with such detail.  With no trade for Anquan Boldin on the horizon and Robert Morgenthau pushing two years of jail time for Plaxico Burress (“Amen!” says my best friend Lou), the Bears have actually created very little drama at the position.  They suited-up six men at wideout a year ago and it looks like those six are going to be Devin “The Skunk” Hester, “Duke of” Earl Bennett, Rash “Hands” Davis, Juaquin “Julio” Iglesias, Johnny “Jackass” Knox and Brandon Rideau “A Deer a Female Deer”.  The other options?  Derek Kinder?  John Broussard?  Eric Peterman?  The only real tension around the position is whether one of the rookies can supplant Jay Cutler’s former teammate in the starting lineup.  And really,what are the odds of that?

Two Things I Don’t Care About (and neither should you) 

Larry Mayer wastes column space responding to Fox Sports’ Power Rankings and arguing the merits of the Bears.  I’d like to reiterate a previously-made statement: Power Rankings are what football columnists write when they have absolutely no other use as journalists. 

Seeing the headline of Brad Biggs’ not-going-to-make-Bob-Woodward-nervous Sun-Times column should tell you all you need to know: “Does Cutler mean at least 10 wins?” Maybe, after three months, we could stop speculating about how many games Cutler is going to win?  Maybe we could just wait and see how well he gels with the offense on Friday and beyond?  Maybe we could just look at their record after sixteen games and use that number as a barometer?