Four on Friday

| October 30th, 2009

Dan Pompei writes a column claiming that defensive scheming is the reason Greg Olsen’s been underwhelming this season.  It’s a ridiculous column.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, he needs to beat nickel corners in man coverage.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, Ron Turner needs to anticipate the opposition and find ways to isolate him on mismatched defenders.  When is the last time we wrote about OUR pass catchers winning battles or OUR coaching staff exploiting a mismatch?

Steven Rosenbloom is crabby but he makes a terrific point: “You would hope that Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye could make
something happen, could be game-changers. But they haven’t had a sack
since beating the Lions almost four weeks ago. Anyone home?”  Remember when we were all singing Rod Marinelli’s praises?

Brad Biggs apparently works for Frank Omiyale’s press people now and he should be embarrassed for publishing this inane post on the Sun-Times website.  Biggs is not-so-subtly trying to make the case for Omiyale’s not being benched by telling us he’s only allowed half a sack this year.  Nevermind that he’s failed to block a single defensive tackle in the run game or that has forced the quarterback to scramble on what feels like every down.  Let’s just use a number, Brad.  One stat.  Ignore what happens on the field.  Omiyale was an organizational mistake.  They’ve admitted it.  Move on.

Mike Mulligan writes the most scathing indictment of this coaching staff I’ve read.