Friday Rodeo and…THE PICKS!

| September 25th, 2009

If the Bears actually believe that the work Tommie Harris is doing will pay off down the stretch, I guess I’ll remain optimistic.  Rod Marinelli has done some magical things so far but Tommie regaining his All Pro form would elevate this defense from good to great.  It has been some time…

I’ve been trying to understand why TJ Houshmandzadeh would run his mouth prior to playing the Bears and I’ve come up with an answer: he’s an idiot.  “I feel I’m going to win 95 percent of the time and they can get the other 5.”  I mean, you’re TJ Houshmandzadeh.  Relax.  Good to see the captain responding.

The Johnny Knox lovefest continues at Sports Illustrated, where Don Banks wrote that “his game-tying 7-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter of the
Bears’ 17-14 upset of the Steelers on Sunday was a revelation.”  I’ve watched that play many times and, while it was excellent, I think we all need to relax and let the kid play ball.

I have never seen less football information from a local newspaper than what is available from the Seattle Times.  There’s a story about Walter Jones’ past and literally nothing else.  I wouldn’t expect Matty H to play Sunday.
Turned my luck around with a 2-1 last week, bringing my season to 3-3.  Now we begin the ascension…

Chicago -2 at SEATTLE
I rarely bet the Bears but I realistically think they’re going to win this game by ten-to-twenty points.  Or twenty-four.  Bears 34, Seahawks 7

Carolina +8.5 at DALLAS
What team is Dallas really eight and a half points better than?  Carolina is desperate at 0-2 and the Cowboys are coming off a demoralizing, primetime defeat on the opening night of their new stadium.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas lost.  Panthers 20, Cowboys 17

Tennessee +2.5 at NEW YORK JETS
The Titans’ season is on the line in the Meadowlands and they’re just too good to fall to 0-3.  I think they stall the Jets’ running game and force Mark Sanchez into a big spot pick-six.  Titans 16, Jets 13