Growing Tired of Tommie Harris

| August 10th, 2009

‘Tommie is strong, motivated, bright, perfect for the system,”
Marinelli said. ”He was banged up last year. He seems pretty healthy.
… This group is going to compete. It is exciting to see them come
Chicago Sun-Times, July 24th

“Rod Marinelli is full of shit.” – Jeff Hughes, August 10th

Tommie Harris isn’t healthy today.  He wasn’t healthy in March.  He wasn’t healthy in 2008.  He’s never healthy anymore.  Harris revealed today that he had a scope in March and has been dealing with the lingering after-effects on his hamstring.  Then he capped off his brilliant sermon with this gem:

The hardest thing is, knowing how political this business is, and
having to wear pads and sit on the sideline acting like I’m going out
there and different stuff like that, but it’s a bit frustrating but I’m
going to hang in there and just see how it plays out.

No, Tommie, you’re wrong.  The hardest thing is watching a defensive tackle eat forty million dollars of contract while standing on the sideline week-after-week because he’s never healthy enough to play football.  The hardest thing was facing Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl without the star defensive tackle on the field because he’s never healthy enough to play football.  The hardest thing was experiencing Tommie Harris’ 2008 suspension for not being mature enough to play professional football.

I don’t root for Tommie Harris and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I hope he sacks the quarterback on every play but I don’t root for him.  I root for Israel Idonije and Adewale Ogunleye and especially Alex Brown.  I root for them because they show up every Sunday and they shut up the rest of the week.  Show up and shut up.  Tommie Harris hasn’t done either in a long time.