Halas Hall Silence May Spell Doom for Lovie

| December 30th, 2009

David Haugh believes it is time now for the Chicago Bears, namely Virginia McCaskey, to address the status of head coach Lovie Smith.  And while he’s wrong – the time was three weeks ago – the point he raises is a valid one:

Pressed at his news conference on the day after the biggest win of the
season, Smith grew testy when asked about the only issue that matters:
his job status. He replied awkwardly that his only focus is on the

Nobody bought it.

If Smith is only focused on a
meaningless game against the Lions with his career hanging in the
balance, then he is even more oblivious than his worst critics charge.
Consistently sending a coach out to answer questions he can’t fully
answer reflects poorly on the organization. Why not address it head-on?

Someone must come out publicly and state that Sunday’s game in Detroit means nothing to the future of the head coach.  How could it?  If beating the Lions solidified you as a viable head coach, I’m sure pretty sure that I could be a viable head coach.  If the Bears are planning to retain Lovie Smith, tell the world now.  Relieve the pressure on the guy.  Have a heart. 

Perhaps the defeaning silence Halas Hall means that’s not the case.