How To Evaluate This Draft

| April 28th, 2009

1. It is a success if either Jarron Gilbert or Henry Melton is a
productive part of the defensive line rotation when the Bears open the
season in Green Bay.

2. It is a failure if Juaquin Iglesias spends a year learning all
the positions and catching no passes. This kid, simply by being
drafting in the third round, is now the fifth receiver on the depth
chart. That puts him on the active roster, barring any free agent
signings before camp.

3. Jerry Angelo’s failed attempt to acquire Anquan Boldin on
Saturday should send a signal to Bears’ fans: Angelo’s turned a corner.
With the Giants and Eagles and Titans drafting wide receivers in the
first round, the Bears are now among only a handful of clubs (Jets,
Ravens) still in the running for AB. Call me crazy but I don’t think
this deal is dead and I think we can still get him prior to the summer.
It may require creating another boring draft weekend in 2010.

4. Johnny Knox’s official nickname is Jackass. Nothing else will be accepted on this website.