Keeping Only Five Receivers?

| September 2nd, 2009

There is no worse week in the football calendar than this one, wherein the only element of interest is which players will earn the right to not dress on Sundays.  So on that note, here’s an interesting tidbit from Jerry Angelo on DaSite:

How many spots on the 53-man roster are still up in the air heading into the preseason finale?

I would say there’s as few as three and as many as five. Part of it
involves the numbers we’re going to keep at various positions. Will we
keep five or six receivers? Will we keep nine or 10 defensive linemen?
Those things work themselves out. Going into this last preseason game,
there’s still decent competition going on. I remember in 2006 Mark
Anderson was a bubble guy to a degree. He could have wound up on the
practice squad. He had had an injury and he came on late and the last
preseason game was going to be the determinant. So sometimes there will
be a situation like that.

Are the Bears actually considering only five receivers?  In that case, what the hell have we all been arguing about for the last month?  I would assume that puts Rideau out to pasture and spells disaster for one of the two rookies, with Jackass being infinitely more impressive during game action.  My gut says they go with six but who knows?