Let Hester Return Kickoffs

| September 8th, 2009

With Danieal Manning coming back from a hamstring injury and Garrett Wolfe currently listed as the starting kick returner, it’s time for the Chicago Bears to pull their heads out of their asses.  Devin Hester should return kickoffs Sunday night in Green Bay.

I’m not arguing that Hester should do it for the entire season, especially if Danieal Manning shows the burst and breakaway quickness he showed down the stretch in 2008.  But until that point, Manning’s success in the defensive backfield is actually more imperative than Hester’s contributions in the passing game.  I know that sounds insane but it’s not.  Manning will be responsible – with a couple other fellas – for stopping one of the game’s elite passing attacks.  In the home of our longest rival.  In primetime.  If Devin Hester’s offensive production is the key to the Bears winning Sunday night…I’ll see you Monday.

Put Hester back there and take a chance with one of the most exciting weapons in the history of the sport.  If you’re as happy with the wide receiving corps as you claim to be, it won’t be a big deal to line up a few times with DA or Hands out wide.  If not, I still don’t care.  Sunday night has the makings of an old-fashioned shootout and I’d hate to lose a gunfight because I forgot my best gun.