Losing to Rams Could Be Final Straw

| December 2nd, 2009

Picture the scene.

Sunday at around 3:07 Central.  The Soldier Field faithful – having spent a cold afternoon avoiding the play on the field with a cunning use of Old Style – stare at the scoreboard.  With a minute to go in regulation, the Bears have a 17-12 lead.  Kyle Boller and the Rams have the ball and they’re moving.

17 seconds remaining.  16…15…14…

Boller drops back and finds Donnie Avery crossing the back of the end zone.  He’s uncovered.  Boller is unhurried. 

Touchdown.  Rams fail to convert the two-pointer (they’re still the Rams).  18-17.

The fans reign a chorus of boos down until every single Bears player and coach has entered the tunnel.  They then stay a few extra minutes just to remind the organization that the 1-10 Rams have just won in Chicago.

Would part of you, even that part that considers the Bears your favorite thing, be rooting for the success of that drive?  Wouldn’t a successful drive there mean a sure-thing firing of Lovie Smith?  Wouldn’t a loss to a 1-10 Rams teams place the punctuation mark at the end of this hierarchy’s sentence?  If the McCaskey family is not currently convinced that things need to change, wouldn’t Sunday provide a perfect stage for the rock bottom drama?

If the Bears dominate the Rams, what would it matter to anyone?  It would not bring me the slightest bit of joy.  If they pull out a squeaker, we’ll have to deal with the “good for our football team to get a win” bullshit.  I’ve never rooted against this team and I won’t Sunday.  But if the Rams win at Soldier Field, Lovie Smith’s job security will elevate to a national story.  The silent McCaskey family will be forced to speak.  The ground would crack open on Lake Shore Drive.

How can that be a bad thing?