Memo to Chicago Media: Fire Yourself.

| October 12th, 2009

Quick vent.

Rick Morrissey was always ready to kill Kyle Orton, Bears quarterback.  Now he’s singing the praises of John Elway Jr. and the 5-0 Denver Broncos.  The truth is if the Bears’ defense had not collapsed in 2008, the Bears would have opened 5-0.  If they didn’t suffer the sadness in Atlanta a few weeks later, the Bears would have opened 7-0.  None of those losses were on Orton, who was so good I wrote that I wanted him signed long-term. 

Steve Rosenbloom believes the success of Orton and Cedric Benson is enough to somehow call into question the work done by Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith.  Really, Steve?  If you want to question Jerry Angelo, there’s more than enough fodder over the years to pick from.  Upgrading at quarterback and getting rid of an attitude problem at tailback are not two of them.  As for Lovie Smith…

The Chicago Bears are 3-1.  They have three wins and one loss.  That’s a terrific record.  It can only be one game better.  And now they’re entering a stretch of difficult road games that could springboard them onto something special.  If the Chicago media must write negatively, stick to analyzing newspaper sales and the remarkable lack of craft they employ in their own work.  As for the Chicago Bears, they’re good.  And they’re winning.  And negativity for the sake of being negative is bush league shit.

I love the city of Chicago and I love the Chicago Bears.  But it’s time everybody get over the “woah is me” nonsense.  Things are not bad for the Bears, kids, not matter what you read in the papers.  But optimism does not a story make.  Especially for hack journalists in the Windy City.