More Audibles…

| December 23rd, 2009

Mark Anderson?  Really?
I’m not going to read any column that begins “If Mark Anderson wants to be a part of the Bears‘ future, he can make a strong case over the last two games.”  Mark Anderson has seen more than enough snaps over the past few seasons to make it very clear that he is not a viable starting defensive end in the league.  If we’re going to reach for reasons to care about Monday night’s game, Mark Anderson is not going to be it.

The Favre-to-Minnesota Timeline – According to Reports
Childress woos Favre.  Childress chauffeurs Favre to team facility.  Favre plays brilliantly inside the system, thriving behind the brilliant run game.  Favre beats San Francisco on a last-second heave.  Favre begins audibling out of called runs.  Childress starts getting mad.  Favre tries to throw a late touchdown pass to run up the score against the Packers.  Childress gets really mad.  Favre, being a weathered old man, begins slipping physically.  Favre’s touchdown-to-interception ration begins to flip.  The run game and offensive line start slipping.  Childress getting reallllllly mad.  The Vikings lose two out of three, both in primetime.  Childress tries to take Favre out of the Panthers game.  Favre refuses.  Steam begins pouring out of Childress’ ears.  Favre calls out coach to the media.  Childress handles it really well while clearly simmering.

The question is, what’s next?  A disastrous performance Monday night could go a long way toward sinking the Viking season.  Do the Bears have it in them?

The Outdated Cover-2
Mike Mulligan questions whether the Cover-2 is outdated in the Sun-Times, drawing some interesting commentary from Alex Brown.  The problem with the Cover-2 is not the system itself but Lovie Smith’s failure to adapt it as the game changes around him.  He plays soft corners on third-and-seven, basically granting offenses first downs.  He uses the same series of predictable blitz packages on the same predictable downs.  But the main problem with the Bears’ pass defense is the complete lack of a pass rush.  The Cover-2 has never been successful without a premier pass rusher on the roster, preferably two.  The Bears have none.  Alex Brown is a hell of a defensive end, and I’d love him to play here til his career’s over, but he’s not a premier pass rusher.

Chicago Update
The Reverend and I will be at Rossi’s on North State at 3:00 for the Broncos v. Eagles game.  Stop by and have a beer.  We’re not leaving until they ask us to.