More Camp Notes

| August 2nd, 2009

More Kevin Jones?
Vaughn McClure writes about the Bears giving Matt Forte some downtime at practice this weekend.  Smart move and something many of us think is coming ten months too late.  Just because the Double Deuce is capable of thirty touches a game doesn’t mean he should be given thirty touches a game.  Over-running young tailbacks is quickly becoming the equivalent of over-throwing young arms in baseball.  Something the city of Chicago knows a thing or two about.

The Erik Kramer Factor
I write about the legendary 1995 season Erik Kramer played at quarterback for the Chicago Bears all the time.  Good to see it get some press from Brad Biggs.  Some really thoughtful insight from Kramer too:

”I can’t think of a lot of guys out there who can do what he does,”
Kramer said. ”I think the thing when you look at Tom Brady, Peyton
Manning and the guys that are in that group that have won Super Bowls,
looking at them as quarterbacks, they’re players that have supreme
command of what they’re doing out there. With Jay, it still remains to
be seen, but the Bears are working with an incredible piece of clay.”

The Zack Attack
It’s starting to look like Zack Bowman is going to be a real integral part of this club’s secondary.  The kid showed flashes in limited duty last year until he was derailed by an injury.  And since I’m in the camp that believes Nate Vasher is on the way out, the team will need somebody to occupy half the field.