More Thoughts on Last Night

| September 14th, 2009

  • The fake punt is arguably the dumbest moment in sports history.  Why? Even if Pat Mannelly thought there were twelve men on the field, the penalty only makes it 4th and 6.  You’re still punting.  And I don’t understand why he snaps it to Wolfe.  The play starts on the snap.  Send it to the damn punter.  (Side note: why have coaches at all if the long snapper has the ability to do this?  He’s on the field 6 times a game!)
  • Jay Cutler and these receivers need to figure something out fast.  Outside of the brilliant play by Jolly, the interceptions involved a quarterback and receiver moving in opposite directions.  The Jackass route at the end of the game was pathetic.  Fix it.  Today.
  • Is everybody still worried about Devin Hester?  Because I’m not.
  • Nathan Vasher didn’t fail to cover Greg Jennings on the touchdown.  Nathan Vasher CAN’T cover Greg Jennings.  But while the world kills Vash’s work on the play, I ask “where the hell was the safety?”  Lovie can worship at the altar of the Cover 2 all he wants but what good is it if you’ve got Nathan Vasher man-to-man with an elite receiver with the game on the line?
  • If you’ve been following this club, the final two minutes were not surprising.  What beat the Bears?  Poor secondary play and inexperience at wide receiver.