Morrissey, Marinelli & More (actually that’s it)

| September 30th, 2009

Rick Morrissey Has Become Unreadable
Rick Morrissey wrote, just two weeks ago, that someone needed to tell Jay Cutler to “wise up”.  It was an idiotic, knee-jerk response to one ball game and the ensuing press conference.  Now, after two wonderful performances from the future Chicago steakhouse owner, Morrissey isn’t saying he was wrong.  He’s saying…he was right.  He now believes someone told Cutler to wise up and that is why he’s eclipsed the 100 quarterback rating twice and led the Bears on back-to-back game-winning drives.  That’s why he’s thrown five touchdowns to one interception.  The man who wrote that Cutler’s “poor decision-making and the recklessness were nothing new” is now comparing him to Tom Brady.  Rick Morrissey has pulled comparisons to Jay Mariotti but Mariotti – while incorrect and disagreeable often – was never this desperate.

Rod Marinelli…I Like When He Talks
Brad Biggs has a terrific interview with Hot Rod, whose impact on the defensive line has been borderline miraculous.  Brown, Ogunleye and Adams look like forces and Tommie Harris has played better each week.  Best quote:

“It’s like I teach them, if you have a sack, let it go. How
many times do you see back-to-back sacks? You don’t because the guy is
celebrating and all that, and then you lose that focus for that play.
It’s just like a bad play. You have to learn from the experience, learn
how to improve from it and now go. It’s hard to do.

“I teach it, I teach it and I teach it. You just have to clean your
mind and go play. As soon as something else is on that mind, you don’t
play fast and you don’t live fast. I live fast. I don’t drag any
baggage with me. My bags are gone. I take them off and go. Drop the
rocks and run. This stuff is too much fun.”

Nothing upsets me more than the rampant celebration that goes on among defenders, especially ours.  Leave that shit to Chad Greenway, Jared Allen and the Vikings – by far the worst perpetrators of this crime in the sport.