Mullin: “There will not be a change at the top”

| December 18th, 2009

Thanks to Al In WI for pointing me in the direction of this horrible, horrible article…

John Mullin, formerly of the Trib and now of CSNChicago, is reporting that Lovie Smith will not be fired at the end of this season, “due in some measure to the looming prospect of a strike/lockout”.  While not ruling out coaching changes on both sides of the ball, Mullin goes on to say:

Don’t look for any announcement one way or the other, by the way.
Organizations typically do not issue statements that nothing is
happening. But this is the first time that I’ve been able to find
something close to “statement” on Smith’s future, which is now all but
certain to be coaching the 2010 Chicago Bears.

This is the simplest opinion I’ve ever had to write.

Bullshit.  Plain, old American, Chicago Bears bullshit.  Not John’s reporting (which I’m glad to know is still available) but the rationale.  If the Bears decide to keep Lovie Smith, while firing all of his assistants, the decision is about money.  How can an organization attempt to convince its fans that they dislike a team’s offense and defense but have confidence in the head man?  They can’t.

But the Chicago Bears will certainly try.