Notes on a Pointless Victory

| December 7th, 2009

  • All the Bears proved yesterday is that they are not the Rams.  They’re not the Browns or Chiefs or Lions either.  They are a middle of the road team. 
  • They won’t say it but I have to believe Jay Cutler injured his hand worse than he was letting on yesterday.  Otherwise that fourth quarter give-up drive is just about the worst coaching I’ve ever seen on a football field.
  • Was it me or did it seem Chris Williams got beat a lot yesterday?
  • The guards played well, albeit against the Rams.  It seemed the Garza and Omiyale were all over the field.
  • I think Jamar Williams is the keeper of this second group of linebackers.
  • This win should be no means quell the hunger at Halas Hall for a new head coach.  To quote Steve Rosenbloom, “Then again, when you consider that the Bears’ three wins in the last
    two months have come against teams that entered Sunday with a combined
    record of 3-29, the Tour still might have legs.”
  • Khalil Bell looks like a faster, shiftier version of Matt Forte.
  • Adewale Ogunleye seems to get pumped up for these games against terrible teams.  Maybe he’ll grace us with his presence next week?
  • Dan Pompei breaks down the safety play: “Kevin Payne and Al Afalava
    gave the Bears solid play at safety, Payne coming off the bench to
    start at strong safety for the first time this season and Afalava
    playing a true free safety for the first time in his life.”  Does anyone believe the coaching staff has any clue what’s happening at this position?
  • I really like the combination of Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett at wide receiver but watching last night’s game should have the Bears salivating to acquire Anquan Boldin.  Boldin is the big, physical target that Cutler’s been dreaming about.
  • Remember when we were all singing Brad Maynard’s praises?  What the hell was that yesterday?
  • Retire the receiver screen.
  • On the fake field goal: really?  Is that even a play call?  Who drew it up?  It makes no functional sense to have a tight end cross the formation and receive a flip in defensive traffic.  It also makes no sense to risk failing on that play and give a dying team hope.  This coaching staff simply makes no sense.