On Second Viewing

| September 21st, 2009

  • You’d be hard pressed to find a better-called game from Ron Turner during his tenure with the Chicago Bears.  He and Jay Cutler (the first time that relationship really feels like a unit) used short slants and flanker-type screens to try and keep the linebackers honest.  When it didn’t work, it seems they decided to attack Tyrone Carter all over the field.  Carter made Olsen pay on the sidelines but Olsen returned the favor up the middle late and Johnny Knox handled him physically on the goal line for the second touchdown.  The screen pass to Forte (pre-fumble) on the game-winning drive was an absolute masterwork. 
  • Adrian Peterson, against the best defense in the league, should have put to rest the notion that he’s not a capable backup.  As Forte struggled early, AP provided a burst to both the run and pass games.
  • Stat watch.  Jay Cutler is on pace for 4,000 yards passing and Johnny Knox for 1200 yards receiving.  Knox is currently fifteenth in the league in receiving.
  • The Bears’ defensive end duo of Brown and Ogunleye totaled 11 sacks all of last season.  They’ve already got 4.  Wanna keep playing the “On Pace Game”?  I do.  32.
  • Phil from SATX is right on with his comments about Rick Morrissey’s borderline embarrassing column in the Tribune.  As Phil wrote, “That article was all about Rick Morrissey trying to spin the story to absolve HIM of his overbearing negativity last week.”  Dead on.  Morrissey will come to understand in the near-future that the era of negativity surrounding Chicago Bears football is dead.  It died the day Jay Cutler put on the cap.
  • The Fix List: (1) Drops. (2) Pass-blocking. (3) Interior run-blocking.  (4) The Bears seem to get very little pass rush on obvious, third-down passing situations.  When the Steelers had an extra man blocking, Big Ben had six days to throw the ball.  (5)  Do we run the Cover-2 or not?  Because I look up quite often and see receivers running downfield with corners and there’s not a safety to be found in the shot.