On the Cutler Quote

| August 16th, 2009

Here is the quote, currently causing controversy among the must-be-bored Chicago Bears beat writers:

“Devin is more of a go-get it guy, he is not really a back shoulder or
jump up and get it [guy],” Cutler said. “You learn from it. We made
some mistakes. It’s the first preseason game. Luckily enough, we have
some time to correct them and keep going.”

This quote – those very same words you’ve just read – are being depicted as Jay Cutler throwing Devin Hester under the bus.  Those words.  Nothing else. 

Jay Cutler is not saying “the interception was Devin Hester’s fault.”  Jay Cutler is saying that he threw the wrong kind of pass to the wrong kind of receiver.  He’s not giving the vanilla, untruthful answer that reporters seem to want.  They want Cutler to say, “I threw a bad pass.  My fault.”  I want Cutler to tell the truth. 

And the truth is that Devin Hester is a speed receiver.  He’s not Randy Moss.  Or Steve Smith.  What Cutler should have done is thrown the ball five-to-ten yards beyond him.  But he didn’t.  He made a mistake.  And he threw an interception in a fake game.  You know what?  I’m not too worried about it.